El Mat-ernity

I photographed this insanely gorgeous maternity session on El Matador beach.  We started discussing the details about a month in advance.  This gave the couple plenty of time to find the perfect attire for this setting.

This beach, this couple, and the new life they are about to welcome into the world… well, it’s just breathtaking.  I hope you enjoy these photos.

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Whales, elephants and onesies

When Barb contacted me to photograph her baby shower, I was both honored and excited.  I photographed her chic wedding last year in Marina del Rey.  What a pleasure it was to work with this awesome woman in the process of becoming a mother!  I can’t express how much I enjoyed working with her again.

Loving friends in Rolling Hills Estates threw the shower.  It’s a place where wild peacocks roam free.  Who knew such a place existed in L.A.?  Throughout the afternoon, traditional games were played in the most competitive spirit I had ever seen!  At times I was reminded of Courteney Cox’s character, Monica, from the TV series “Friends” (see the link at the end of this post).

The highlight of the day was a photo I took of Barb giving her usual sexy, smoldering look while holding up a onesie.  Times have changed, but sexy never goes out of style!

Barb with the hostesses

Barb with the hostesses

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Friendly competition

Friendly competition

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No, I didn’t bank 55k on my last gig; but, I still feel like I hit the jackpot.

A friend of mine told me about a collection of fifty five thousand taffeta dresses for sale.  I was intrigued by the story behind the dresses.  Paul Brockmann collected them for his wife, Margot, for over 56 years.  They were ballroom dancers and he never wanted her to wear the same dress twice.  Let’s just say he went a little overboard as he started to buy fifteen to twenty at a time.

The family rented a warehouse in Gardena to sell them.  Definitely worth a look!  Check out the links below for more information.


Paul and Margot Brockmann

Paul and Margot Brockmann


Dresses organized by color

Dresses organized by color

dresses-6 dresses-9 dresses-10

Picnic dress for the South of France?

Picnic dress for the South of France?

dresses-14 dresses-15

For updates on the next sale, “Like” their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/55ThousandDresses

Website with video: http://55thousanddresses.com/

The full story: http://www.laweekly.com/2013-08-01/news/cocktail-dresses-sale/


My nephew’s first birthday party was centered around the theme “pop”.  Everything was dressed in red and blue, including my nephew!  So many items that pop were included in the theme (popcorn, bubble wrap table runners, bubbles, balloons, lollipop centerpieces, soda pop, cake pops, sorbet push-pops…). And check out that motorcycle cake (popping a wheelie)!  I have to give my sister props for such a well explored and implemented idea!

Just for fun, my brother-in-law made a Pinterest inspired polaroid frame (see images below).  When he gets older, my nephew will surely appreciate the many thoughtful, loving, and creative touches that went into his party.  And thankfully, his favorite Auntie was there to document it for him 😉

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The Wedding Photos of 16 Famous Authors in Love

I love these photos of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller. Another example of the lasting power and impression of photography!


If you’re a social person of a certain age, you’ve now embarked upon that most joyful and expensive of all times of year: wedding season. Last week, Flavorwire rounded up some charming wedding photos of famous musicians, but for those interested in a little seasonal inspiration from the literary set, find their white weddings (or tweed ones, as the case may be) after the jump.

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Check out our new flash drives!  We are now delivering our clients’ wedding photos in this format.  The colors were customized to match Adam & Erica’s May wedding.

flashdrive-1 flashdrive-4 flashdrive-2 flashdrive-3

Il Volo

I was asked to photograph this trio of Italian young men, called Il Volo.  They sung cover songs in surprisingly sophisticated, operatic, deep voices.

The guys, 18 and 19 yrs old, have been touring since they were 16.  Imagine having fans screaming your name and, literally, asking to marry you.  Quite a big life for such youngsters!  People of all ages came out to see them perform and, as you can see, they were so sweet with their fans.

My challenge was to cover the entire show from three different levels at Santa Monica Place – in three songs!  As you might imagine, I was moving around pretty quickly.  And, as with all photographic challenges, it was my pleasure!

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