Ojai birthday

My dear friend, Ellen Reiss Goldfarb, celebrated her 50th birthday bash in Ojai, CA at the Ojai Valley Inn.  Her devoted husband, Gregg, planned and hosted a weekend getaway for seventy of her closest friends.

On Saturday, guests were treated to a delicious wine & cheese tasting at the Ojai Vineyard Tasting Room.  This was followed by an exquisite three course dinner (with more wine, of course) at Suzanne’s Cuisine.  Before departing on Sunday, everyone enjoyed a brunch (feast) at the Oak Grill.

During the dinner, there were many touching toasts and roasts.  Her creative brother, Jay, led a song composed solely of Ellen’s latest Facebook posts.  There were plenty to choose from and the crowd howled with laughter.  The best part was that it was sung to the tune of “True” by Spandau Ballet.  Genius!

ellen-3 ellen-2 ellen-4 ellen-6 ellen-7 ellen-5 ellen-8 ellen-9 ellen-10 ellen-12 ellen-11 ellen-13 ellen-14 ellen-16 ellen-15 ellen-18 ellen-17 ellen-19 ellen-20 ellen-1 ellen-21 ellen-23 ellen-22 ellen-24 ellen-25


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