Pretty in Pink

I photographed a baby shower for Caroline Turner Ware on Saturday.  The event was held at Hotel MdR in Marina del Rey.  Little did I know that my face would actually hurt from laughing so hard for three and a half hours.

It was a co-ed event with parents, grandparents, nieces, nephews, friends… even the pastor was there to bless the day.  The room was overflowing with love and laughter and compliments were flowing freely.  I felt very privileged to have been selected to capture this beautiful day.

Out of all the gifts, the most memorable one was a garment that resembled a g-string – for the BABY!  The gifter was adamant that it was age appropriate.  She said that the kids in France were wearing them.  Honestly, I think it was supposed to be a bathing suit with cut-out/strappy sections; but I’m not really sure!  See for yourselves in the images below.  Whatever it was, by the look on Daddy’s face, Baby Ware will certainly not be wearing it!  Kudos to onsite supervisor, Carly Jacobson, for a smooth event.

babyshower-27 babyshower-6 babyshower-7 babyshower-8 babyshower-1 babyshower-9 babyshower-5 babyshower-4 babyshower-3 babyshower-10 babyshower-17 babyshower-18 babyshower-2 babyshower-11 babyshower-12 babyshower-13 babyshower-14 babyshower-15 babyshower-16 babyshower-19 babyshower-20 babyshower-21 babyshower-22 babyshower-23 babyshower-24 babyshower-25

Brother-in-law who warmly offered his support... and then made it clear that he would not babysit.

Brother-in-law who warmly offered his support… and then made it clear that he would not babysit.


The garment in question!

The garment in question!

babyshower-30 babyshower-31 babyshower-32 babyshower-33


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