Whales, elephants and onesies

When Barb contacted me to photograph her baby shower, I was both honored and excited.  I photographed her chic wedding last year in Marina del Rey.  What a pleasure it was to work with this awesome woman in the process of becoming a mother!  I can’t express how much I enjoyed working with her again.

Loving friends in Rolling Hills Estates threw the shower.  It’s a place where wild peacocks roam free.  Who knew such a place existed in L.A.?  Throughout the afternoon, traditional games were played in the most competitive spirit I had ever seen!  At times I was reminded of Courteney Cox’s character, Monica, from the TV series “Friends” (see the link at the end of this post).

The highlight of the day was a photo I took of Barb giving her usual sexy, smoldering look while holding up a onesie.  Times have changed, but sexy never goes out of style!

Barb with the hostesses

Barb with the hostesses

barb-2 barb-3 barb-5 barb-6 barb-7 barb-8 barb-9 barb-10 barb-11 barb-12 barb-13 barb-14 barb-16 barb-17 barb-18 barb-19 barb-20 barb-21 barb-22

Friendly competition

Friendly competition

barb-24 barb-25



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