My nephew’s first birthday party was centered around the theme “pop”.  Everything was dressed in red and blue, including my nephew!  So many items that pop were included in the theme (popcorn, bubble wrap table runners, bubbles, balloons, lollipop centerpieces, soda pop, cake pops, sorbet push-pops…). And check out that motorcycle cake (popping a wheelie)!  I have to give my sister props for such a well explored and implemented idea!

Just for fun, my brother-in-law made a Pinterest inspired polaroid frame (see images below).  When he gets older, my nephew will surely appreciate the many thoughtful, loving, and creative touches that went into his party.  And thankfully, his favorite Auntie was there to document it for him 😉

pop-1 pop-2 pop-10 pop-3 pop-11 pop-4 pop-5 pop-6 pop-7 pop-8 pop-9 pop-12 pop-13 pop-14 pop-15 pop-16 pop-17 pop-18 pop-19 pop-20 pop-21 pop-24 pop-26 pop-25 pop-27 pop-28 pop-29 pop-33 pop-30 pop-31 pop-32 pop-34 pop-35 pop-36 pop-37 pop-38 pop-22 pop-23 pop-39 pop-40 pop-41 pop-42 pop-43 pop-44


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