Il Volo

I was asked to photograph this trio of Italian young men, called Il Volo.  They sung cover songs in surprisingly sophisticated, operatic, deep voices.

The guys, 18 and 19 yrs old, have been touring since they were 16.  Imagine having fans screaming your name and, literally, asking to marry you.  Quite a big life for such youngsters!  People of all ages came out to see them perform and, as you can see, they were so sweet with their fans.

My challenge was to cover the entire show from three different levels at Santa Monica Place – in three songs!  As you might imagine, I was moving around pretty quickly.  And, as with all photographic challenges, it was my pleasure!

ilvolo-5 ilvolo-6 ilvolo-7 ilvolo-8 ilvolo-11 ilvolo-13 ilvolo-14 ilvolo-15 ilvolo-16 ilvolo-17 ilvolo-19 ilvolo-20 ilvolo-22 ilvolo-24 ilvolo-23 ilvolo-26 ilvolo-28 ilvolo-29 ilvolo-31


One thought on “Il Volo

  1. I’ll Volo is the best singing group in the world today. They are so amazing for having such beautiful, operatic type voices at such a young age. Although it seems to me their voices have changed somewhat in the past two years. Piero’s voice, although basically spinto, seems to be heading towards being a dramatic tenor & Ignazio’s from lyric to leggerio. They seem to be especially popular with Hispanic teenagers, while here in the states their fans seem to be older. Enjoy them knowing performers of this caliber come along only once in every generation.

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