Six Rocks!

I photographed Gemma’s sixth birthday at a rock climbing gym called Rockreation.  Having photographed many different age groups, I have to say that six is such a sweet age.  Overall, the kids were interested in each other’s well being and happy just to spend time with one another.  They had best friends and the girls had boy friends (that they didn’t yet realize were “boyfriends”).  If we just froze everyone at six years old, this would be such an amazing world.

Also, Gemma’s parents are pretty much rock stars for organizing such a fun party.  They decorated the event space with Martha Stewart products.  Gemma loves ninja’s so they made sure her cookies and cake reflected that.  So great to meet a girl who knows she can kick butt and conquer any wall!  As you can see, the kids had a blast… ok, I did too!

Gemma-6 Gemma-4 Gemma-3 Gemma-30 Gemma-7 Gemma-5 Gemma-32 Gemma-8 Gemma-11 Gemma-21 Gemma-9 Gemma-12 Gemma-10 Gemma-22 Gemma-16 Gemma-15 Gemma-13 Gemma-20 Gemma-17 Gemma-18 Gemma-31 Gemma-14 Gemma-29 Gemma-28 Gemma-19 Gemma-1 Gemma-2 Gemma-23 Gemma-24 Gemma-25 Gemma-26 Gemma-27 Gemma-33 Gemma-37 Gemma-35 Gemma-36 Gemma-34 Gemma-39


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