Adam & Erica’s Wedding

I had the honor of photographing Adam and Erica’s wedding last weekend in Laguna Beach, CA.  The event took place at Seven-Degrees.  Weddings With Insight by Jackie Murphy coordinated every last gorgeous detail.

The couple chose to do a “First Look” before the wedding which allowed for plenty of time to photograph them before the ceremony.  They honored their heritage by incorporating Jewish, Buddhist and African traditions.  I had never seen a “Jumping of the Broom” followed by a “Breaking of the Glass”.  What a treat to witness!

Throughout the evening several humorous and loving toasts were given.  The groom’s family even broke out into song and dance.  It just doesn’t get any better than that!  DJ Tony “Y-NOT” Ward played an amazing set of old school favorites.  Great big thank you to Brian Leahy for his talent in photographing this wedding with me.  Congrats to the beautiful couple!

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