In support of Wish Upon a Wedding, I took some pictures of a fundraising event by Jackie Murphy of Weddings With Insight. She raised $1,000 for them. Here are some images from the event.


This past weekend, Weddings With Insight by Jackie Murphy hosted the zany Wacky Wedding Pub Crawl on Main Street, Santa Monica!

Attendees were encouraged to wear tacky wedding attire.

Here I am with my cute, nerdy husband in his blue tuxedo shirt!


Many Thanks to These Participating Pubs who offered special drinks and snacks to our wacky attendees:

Finn McCool’s Irish Pub

Lula Cocina Mexicana


Rick’s Tavern on Main

O’Brien’s Irish Pub


We raised over $1000 for Wish Upon a Wedding, an organization that gives couples facing terminal illness and other life-altering circumstances the ability to have the weddings of their dreams!


At our last stop, O’Brien’s, we and the other lovely patrons of O’Brien’s were treated to a musical set from the talented band You Were Great Last Night.


Thank you to You Were Great Last Night for donating their time and talent to our event!



Thank you so much…

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