Aquafuzion, Inc.

Aquafuzion-1 Aquafuzion-2 Aquafuzion-3 Aquafuzion-4 Aquafuzion-5 Aquafuzion-6 Aquafuzion-7 Aquafuzion-11 Aquafuzion-8 Aquafuzion-9 Aquafuzion-10 Aquafuzion-12 Aquafuzion-13 Aquafuzion-14 Aquafuzion-15

I photographed a team of wedding coordinators from Aquafuzion at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena.  What a well-oiled machine!  They were professional, relaxed, and impeccably organized which made them so enjoyable to work with.  Everything was perfectly planned and coordinated so the bride and groom could simply enjoy their day.  There’s nothing better than a relaxed bride and it shows in every picture.

My favorite moment: the groom applying a fresh coat of chapstick just before walking down the aisle.  Gotta make sure those lips are kissable!

Well done Aquafuzion!


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