50 Fingers & 88 Keys

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Jacaranda had their annual Summer Garden Party on Sunday, June 26th.  Thanks to board member, Miriam Schulman, I had the great honor of photographing this event.  All those times I wished I could’ve been a fly on the wall finally paid off for me!  I chose the right profession for fly status… well almost!  Although happily focused on the photography, I enjoyed moments of genius musicality in-between.

Guests closed their eyes to take in every note as five pianists (50 fingers) tickled (88) ivory keys.  The five master pianists featured by artistic director, Patrick Scott, were: Gloria Cheng, Genevieve Feiwen Lee, Steven Vanhauwaert, Danny Holt and Aron Kallay.  The setting was a gorgeous, sunlight dappled, sculpture garden (sculptures by Tanya Ragir).

One of the highlights for me was Lee’s piece.  She “poured” her music into a teapot (via wiring) and strategically lifted the lid to release the sound into the mic.  The audience gawked in disbelief with goofy smiles plastered to their faces (myself included).  Holt and Vanhauwaert also performed a comical duet replete with cartoonish caricature-like movement.  A real crowd pleaser!

Throughout the concert, the scent of handmade coffee by Caffe Luxxe drifted across the garden.  Also, Monte De Oro Vineyards generously poured their fine wine and lunch was catered in-between the performances.

Congrats to Jacaranda for another stellar event!

For a more detailed write-up on the performances (including Grammy award winner, Gloria Cheng) please click on this link:



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