Ojai birthday

My dear friend, Ellen Reiss Goldfarb, celebrated her 50th birthday bash in Ojai, CA at the Ojai Valley Inn.  Her devoted husband, Gregg, planned and hosted a weekend getaway for seventy of her closest friends.

On Saturday, guests were treated to a delicious wine & cheese tasting at the Ojai Vineyard Tasting Room.  This was followed by an exquisite three course dinner (with more wine, of course) at Suzanne’s Cuisine.  Before departing on Sunday, everyone enjoyed a brunch (feast) at the Oak Grill.

During the dinner, there were many touching toasts and roasts.  Her creative brother, Jay, led a song composed solely of Ellen’s latest Facebook posts.  There were plenty to choose from and the crowd howled with laughter.  The best part was that it was sung to the tune of “True” by Spandau Ballet.  Genius!

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Pretty in Pink

I photographed a baby shower for Caroline Turner Ware on Saturday.  The event was held at Hotel MdR in Marina del Rey.  Little did I know that my face would actually hurt from laughing so hard for three and a half hours.

It was a co-ed event with parents, grandparents, nieces, nephews, friends… even the pastor was there to bless the day.  The room was overflowing with love and laughter and compliments were flowing freely.  I felt very privileged to have been selected to capture this beautiful day.

Out of all the gifts, the most memorable one was a garment that resembled a g-string – for the BABY!  The gifter was adamant that it was age appropriate.  She said that the kids in France were wearing them.  Honestly, I think it was supposed to be a bathing suit with cut-out/strappy sections; but I’m not really sure!  See for yourselves in the images below.  Whatever it was, by the look on Daddy’s face, Baby Ware will certainly not be wearing it!  Kudos to onsite supervisor, Carly Jacobson, for a smooth event.

babyshower-27 babyshower-6 babyshower-7 babyshower-8 babyshower-1 babyshower-9 babyshower-5 babyshower-4 babyshower-3 babyshower-10 babyshower-17 babyshower-18 babyshower-2 babyshower-11 babyshower-12 babyshower-13 babyshower-14 babyshower-15 babyshower-16 babyshower-19 babyshower-20 babyshower-21 babyshower-22 babyshower-23 babyshower-24 babyshower-25

Brother-in-law who warmly offered his support... and then made it clear that he would not babysit.

Brother-in-law who warmly offered his support… and then made it clear that he would not babysit.


The garment in question!

The garment in question!

babyshower-30 babyshower-31 babyshower-32 babyshower-33

Launch party for JK Zen Fitness and Vionic shoes

It’s my pleasure to share these images from a recent launch party I photographed for Vionic shoes and JK Zen Fitness.  The event, created by Amy Cunha of Big Picture PR, was a huge success.  Several important bloggers on fashion and fitness were in attendance.

Juliet Kaska, owner of JK Zen Fitness, was the belle of the ball.  Not only did she rock her Vionic kicks, she also rocked a fabulous figure.  Proof that she practices what she preaches.  This is a very discreet, private studio that has attracted a cult following of celebrity clientele.  It is unconventionally located among doctor’s offices in a high-rise building off of North Robertson (near Beverly Hills).  Juliet is super down to earth, approachable and sweet.  Naturally, it follows that her studio is unpretentious and warm.

Now for the kicks!  As a photographer, I am on my feet A LOT.  So, I was all ears to hear about the innovative technology behind Vionic shoes.  A podiatrist developed and designed the insoles to reduce over-pronation.  This can improve foot function and relieve common associated pains such as plantar fasciitis (heel pain), knee pain and back pain.  It is the only footwear recommended by both the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and renowned integrative medicine doctor, Andrew Weil, MD.

Enough about the technology!  The proof is in the comfort, right?  After the party, I tried on a pair of Vionic sneakers and my feet practically melted into them.

Juliet Kaska

Juliet Kaska


Everyone went home with a pair of Vionic  shoes.

Everyone went home with a pair of Vionic shoes.

vionic-3 vionic-1 vionic-2 vionic-13 vionic-8 vionic-24 vionic-14 vionic-19 vionic-12 vionic-18

This woman was so happy that she didn't have to use her bulky orthotics anymore.

This woman was so happy that she didn’t have to use her bulky orthotics anymore.

vionic-6 vionic-15 vionic-16 vionic-17 vionic-23 vionic-9 vionic-7 vionic-5 vionic-4 vionic-20


Happy New Year everyone!  I spent my holidays in Hawaii and saw a riveting display of big wave surfing at Banzai Pipeline (North Shore, Oahu).  The faces of the waves were over 20-25 ft high.  Although the surf isn’t always this big, December brings enormous sets.  I was ill prepared to shoot this as I had decided to travel light.  Boy, was I bummed and lens envy pervaded my entire being!  Still, I wanted to share a few highlights.

I had heard it was a “big day”, but nothing could’ve prepared me for what I witnessed.  I almost fell over upon first glimpse of the waves.  These guys were taking off on CLIFFS!  I had very mixed feelings about enjoying the show.  Were they about to die or enjoy the most exhilarating ride of their lives?  Regardless, several hours passed as I watched looping episodes of blue, barreling waves with surfers riding them for days.

Some perspective:

For every 16 ft (face), there is approximately 1.5 TONS of power behind them.  The biggest danger is a person or surfboard slamming (or slicing) into you.  If you manage to avoid that, you’re still at high risk of being raked over the reef.  Imagine a million little razor blades on the floor of the ocean and you’ll start to understand how painful that would be.  Ok, you see how dangerous this is now…

Spectators in awe.  Can you see the surfer? :)

Spectators in awe. Can you see the surfer?🙂

pipeline-14 pipeline-1

Surfer on the larger outside set.  Look at the size of the surfers on the upper right.

Surfer on the larger outside set. Look at the size of the other surfers.


The next four images are a succession.  See if he makes it!

The next four images are a succession. See if he makes it…

pipeline-6 pipeline-7 pipeline-8

And he makes it!

And he makes it out!



This guy wasn’t so lucky😦


Ho Ho Ho!

Happy holidays!  Baby Luke arrived just in time for Christmas with his family.  His proud parents are Barb and John (see my last post).   What an honor it has been to document their wedding, pregnancy and their newborn son.  More images to follow in the new year.  

Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season filled with love, laughter and naughty food!



El Mat-ernity

I photographed this insanely gorgeous maternity session on El Matador beach.  We started discussing the details about a month in advance.  This gave the couple plenty of time to find the perfect attire for this setting.

This beach, this couple, and the new life they are about to welcome into the world… well, it’s just breathtaking.  I hope you enjoy these photos.

barb-3 barb-1-2 barb-1-3 barb-2 barb-5 barb-6 barb-7 barb-8 barb-9 barb-10 barb-11 barb-12 barb-14 barb-15 barb-16 barb-17

Whales, elephants and onesies

When Barb contacted me to photograph her baby shower, I was both honored and excited.  I photographed her chic wedding last year in Marina del Rey.  What a pleasure it was to work with this awesome woman in the process of becoming a mother!  I can’t express how much I enjoyed working with her again.

Loving friends in Rolling Hills Estates threw the shower.  It’s a place where wild peacocks roam free.  Who knew such a place existed in L.A.?  Throughout the afternoon, traditional games were played in the most competitive spirit I had ever seen!  At times I was reminded of Courteney Cox’s character, Monica, from the TV series “Friends” (see the link at the end of this post).

The highlight of the day was a photo I took of Barb giving her usual sexy, smoldering look while holding up a onesie.  Times have changed, but sexy never goes out of style!

Barb with the hostesses

Barb with the hostesses

barb-2 barb-3 barb-5 barb-6 barb-7 barb-8 barb-9 barb-10 barb-11 barb-12 barb-13 barb-14 barb-16 barb-17 barb-18 barb-19 barb-20 barb-21 barb-22

Friendly competition

Friendly competition

barb-24 barb-25



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